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Maintenance for any high-end European car is critical, and your Aston Martin is no exception. If you want to maintain the road experience you’ve grown accustomed to, coupled with a sleek interior and exterior design, you’ll have to regularly service your vehicle at a trusted luxury car mechanic.

Here’s how you can ensure a long lifespan for your Aston Martin.

1. Check the Tires

Inspect your tires every couple of weeks to check for punctures and make sure they are at the correct pressure. Take a look at the tire tread wear too, which could signal wheel misalignment.

2. Include a Tool Kit

Make sure your vehicle includes an updated took kit, including a spare wheel and all the related accessories. It’s also good to have a puncture repair kit for your tires and some spare oil. Don’t forget a flashlight, flares, battery chargers and a first aid bag to round out your tool kit.

3. Regularly Check Oil Levels

Check the level and quality of your engine oil every two weeks and add more if needed. Get regular oil and filter changes as directed. If you notice the oil level dropping faster than usual, bring it in for service so a mechanic can check for leaks.

4. Check the Coolant Level

Take a look at the coolant level each week. Add antifreeze when the temperatures start to dip.

5. Inspect Your Windshield

Every once in a while, take a look at your windshield, inside and out, and see if you notice any chips or cracks. Have these fixed right away, no matter how minimal, so those cracks don’t grow and worsen. A crack left untreated compromises the integrity of the entire window and could shatter with the smallest impact.

6. Check Lights

Check all lights weekly to ensure you have no blown bulbs, light casing cracks or dirty lenses. Take a look at brake lights, directionals, headlights and more.

Why is Aston Martin Maintenance so Important?

Maintenance is important because it:

1.     Boosts Reliability and Performance

You can the increase performance and reliability of your Aston Martin by ensuring all parts are kept in peak condition. You’re also extending the useful life span of your vehicle, making sure it lasts as long as it was meant to.

2.     Saves You Money

When you catch small issues before they get larger, you are keeping expensive repairs at bay, thereby saving cash. Plus, when you nip problems in the bud, the repair costs are usually much lower than if you had let them worsen.

3.     Increases the Resale Value

When you go to sell your car in the future, you will get more money for a well-maintained vehicle. Retain your car’s value with regular maintenance.

4.     Protects the Environment

You can reduce harmful emissions from your Aston Martin when you make sure it is in compliance with all environmental standards. As you are aware, a car with a well-maintained engine and exhaust system releases fewer toxic emissions.

5.     Reduces the Likelihood of Emergencies

When you maintain your vehicle, it is far less likely that you will suffer a road emergency such as a tire blowout, overheated engine or parts failure.

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