Interior view of BMW car

BMW is one of the most respected and coveted car brands out there. But they do come with some common repair and service issues for certain makes and models – just like any other vehicle manufacturer. You may have noticed some of these idiosyncrasies. Let’s go into some more detail on the common BMW service issues for model years 1999 through 2006, although these can apply to all years.

From oil leaks stemming from the lower engine area to rear window regulator issues, we recommend bringing your car in for service if you notice any of these issues.

1.    Oil Leakage

Particularly when it comes to the BMW 325i, this is a common occurrence from the gasket in the space where the filter-assembly attaches to the engine. You may notice a burning oil smell, thick white smoke coming from the tail pipe or smoke coming up through the hood, which is caused when oil drips from the gasket onto the exhaust.

2.    Rear Window Regulator Issues

This can happen when your rear window goes down but doesn’t go up any longer. Basically this means the window regulator broke while in the down position.

It’s common to hear the motor attempting in vain to move the window when pressing the button, yet nothing happens. After troubleshooting other potential causes such as fuses, you can usually trace back the root cause to a problem inherent in the window regulator.

3.    Coolant Leakage

Leakage as a result of tank expansion is also common. The coolant light indicator on your dash may light up a day or two after you get the coolant refilled. Your car may seem to run hot when you glance at the temperature gauge.

This may be due to the coolant tank possibly having a hairline crack in it, or maybe the coolant reservoir has a hairline separation. It’s imperative to locate and correct any leaks to guard against coolant shorting out nearby electrical components.  

4.     Constantly Running Fan Blower Motor

If your fan blower motor keeps running and running even after you’ve turned the car off, or the fan stays on so long that it drains the battery, the resistor for the fan blower may have failed.

5.    Front Control Arm Bushing Failure

When you start to feel shuddering in the steering when braking at a high speed, the bushings may be cracked and deteriorated. Perhaps you’re noticing the wheel continuing forward after the car has stopped, with sounds like thumping and bumping originating from the front when navigating rough roads.

Common service issues for BMWs

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