BMW Brake Service

Brake Service for you BMW is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance that highlights the ultimate goal of ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the braking system.

Regular brake service is especially crucial not only for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants but also is essential for the vehicle’s overall health. If you neglect brake maintenance it will lead to more costly repairs in the future. You certainly don’t want to avoid brake maintenance because it can lead to problems in emergency situations.

There are two main steps when going through a BMW brake service. Here at Hance’s European we will inspect and assess your brakes. Then we will provide the proper and appropriate maintenance and repairs required to keep a safe and efficient brake system.

Inspection & Assessment

The first step when you bring in your BMW for a brake service is to thoroughly inspect all of the braking components. This includes checking the brake pads and shoes for wear, as these are the parts that apply pressure to the brake rotors or drums to stop the vehicle.

Over time, they wear and may need replacement. The brake rotors and drums are also inspected for warping, scoring, or other damage that can impair braking performance.

Maintenance & Repairs

Once we have gone through the inspection we will identify what maintenance and repairs are required to get you back safely on the road. Worn brake pads or shoes are replaced. If the brake rotors or drums are damaged, they might be resurfaced or replaced. Any issues with the brake calipers, such as sticking or leaking, are addressed.

The brake fluid is also an important part of the service. It may be topped up or completely flushed and replaced if it’s contaminated or, as brake fluid can absorb moisture over time, which affects its performance.

All About the BMW Brake Service

BMW brake service is a specialized maintenance procedure tailored to the unique requirements of BMW vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Here’s an overview of what a typical BMW brake service entails:

Inspection of Brake Components:

Brake Pads and Rotors: The service begins with a thorough inspection of the brake pads and rotors. BMWs often use high-performance brake systems that require specific types of pads and rotors. The technician checks for wear, thickness, and any damage to these components.

Brake Calipers and Lines: The calipers, which hold the brake pads and press them against the rotors, are examined for signs of wear, leakage, or damage. Brake lines and hoses are also inspected for any signs of cracking, leaking, or other damage.

Brake Fluid Check and Replacement:

BMWs require brake fluid that meets specific standards (like DOT 4). The service includes checking the brake fluid level and quality. Over time, brake fluid can degrade and absorb moisture, reducing its effectiveness and potentially causing corrosion within the brake system. A brake fluid flush and replacement might be recommended, typically every two years or as specified in the BMW maintenance schedule.

Replacement of Worn Parts:

If the brake pads are worn beyond the recommended thickness, they will be replaced. BMWs often require specific types of pads to maintain optimal braking performance and to reduce brake noise and dust.

If the rotors are worn, warped, or scored, they may need to be resurfaced or replaced. BMW rotors have a minimum thickness specification, and if they are below this threshold, they must be replaced.

Sensor Check and Replacement:

Many BMW models are equipped with brake wear sensors that alert the driver when pads need replacing. These sensors are checked and replaced if necessary.

System Diagnostics and Testing:

BMW’s advanced braking systems often integrate with other vehicle systems like ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). A diagnostic check ensures all systems are communicating properly and functioning as intended.

After any service or replacement, the brake system is tested to ensure proper operation. This includes a road test to verify that the brakes are responsive, quiet, and effective.

Electronic Service Indicator Reset:

BMWs have an electronic service indicator that tracks when maintenance is due. After servicing, this system is reset.


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