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I started taking my 2008 Mercedes Benz GL320 into your shop back in December 2011. I liked your approach to taking care of the car as it starts to age and requires repairs and attention.I took the car back into your shop in March ofthis year, and had more work done. In addition, I needed to have an Airmatic suspension f compressor issue looked at, and I am so pleased with how you and Rob, your Service Advisor, handled things. Rob went out and researched the issue completely, and then based on what he knew and his industry knowledge, actually instructed me on how to go back to Mercedes Benz corporate and Park Place, and discuss the repair with them in a way that included them taking responsibility for the fault and covering almost all the cost of the repair. For Rob to do this research, instruct me the way he did, and then demonstrate to me how I could save myself quite a bit of money, just proves what I was already thinking about you, Rob, and Hance Auto: You guys operate a damn fine, quality business and are very honest and shoot straight, and you deserve to get all of my future business, and that of anyone I know that I refer over to you. I live right around the corner from your shop and will have my GL320 for years to come. It will be coming into your facility every time I need anything done, and I’m very happy that I’ve found a quality business that I can trust. You guys have done a great job for me and I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate it.

Dan Graves