BMW Oil Change

If you’re the proud owner of a BMW in Dallas, you understandably want to keep up with regular maintenance. Part of that involves scheduling regular oil changes with your trusted neighborhood mechanic. Here at Hance’s European, we offer BMW synthetic oil and filter change service to customers throughout Dallas and surrounding communities.

We also offer BMW service and repair so you can pamper your European car and add to its lifespan.

Benefits of Regular BMW Oil Changes

Wear and friction are the two top causes of engine failure. One way to prevent this from happening is through regular oil changes that can reduce engine wear and result in a longer-lasting car engine. When you’re tempted to skip a change or think you can push it just a little bit longer, keep in mind that regular oil changes will:

  • Keep your engine clean
  • Add to your BMW’s lifespan
  • Protect other engine parts
  • Give you better gas mileage
  • Protect the environment
  • Help you pass your next vehicle emissions test
  • Result in better engine performance

Indeed, scheduled oil and filter changes are the single best way to keep your BMW running as it should. And don’t forget those regular service appointments to keep costly repairs at bay.

BMW Oil Change Indicator Light
Is the oil change light on in your BMW? Bring it to Hance’s!

Call Hance’s European in Dallas

  • We recommend changing your BMW oil every 5000 miles. Call and ask us “Why?”
  • We use factory approved synthetic oil and filters
  • Reset service indicators
  • We also perform a visual courtesy check and fill all fluids and tires

To schedule yourBMW oil and filter change, contact us at 214-761-3247 or schedule an appointment online with our convenient form. We are located at 850 West Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.