As a Mercedes owner, you realize how precious your vehicle is and you take the proper steps to take care of it. But sometimes, you may think you can take matters into your own hands to save some money or time. It’s probably a mistake. While general cleaning and maintenance are perfectly fine as DIY projects, when it comes to repairs, you should always rely on a professional to handle them.

If you come across issues with any of these five problems, make an appointment with your trusted Mercedes repair shop in Dallas: Hance’s European.

1.    Transmission

Any transmission issues are best left to a pro, even when it involves replacing the fluid. Have you come across any of these issues?

  • Slipping
  • Noises
  • Shifting
  • Leaks
  • Check engine light
  • Lack of movement

Take your Mercedes to the shop so they can troubleshoot the matter.

2.     Windshield

If you have a crack or pit in your windshield, you may be tempted to buy one of those kits that promises to “fix” your windshield. However, when a crack or chip is large enough to be noticed, nothing you can do is going to fix it. It will likely need to be replaced. Also, there may be cracks that are invisible to the naked eye but that are doing a lot of damage to the structural integrity of the glass. Best to have it checked out by a pro.

3.    Sound System

If you’re looking to upgrade your sound system, take it to the shop. Doing it on your own will only end in disaster. There are many wires involved, which can lead to electrical fires and shorts if you don’t know what you’re doing.

4.     Fuel Pump

Due to the precision required for installation, your best bet is to take your vehicle to a professional for fuel pump replacement. If you mess things up doing it yourself, you may only serve to total your car from the inside out.

5.     Engine Diagnostics

While you can purchase gadgets that will turn off the “maintenance required” or “check engine” lights, this doesn’t fix the root cause and the problem will persist. By ignoring the issue, you could be doing untold damage that you aren’t even aware of. Take your vehicle to the mechanic so they can actually fix what’s making the engine light flash. They are trained in performing engine diagnostics and resulting repairs.

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