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As a proud BMW owner, you know these vehicles are touted for their for their incredible performance dynamics and long-lasting durability on the road. Making the initial investment in a fine BMW vehicle is just half the battle: you have to keep up with the maintenance and service in order to contribute to its long life span and efficient operation. The first step in doing so is to rely on an auto repair shop that specializes in BMW parts, car maintenance and service in Dallas, TX — like Hance’s European. We have the training, tools and experience to ensure the proper care of your foreign luxury car. We’re a BMW certified shop, so you get peace of mind knowing we’re on the job and taking care of you.

Regular service and maintenance for your BMW is key, especially when it comes to technicians who work on your type of vehicle day in and day out, says Popular Mechanics, as opposed to the corner mechanic who may work on a variety of domestic and foreign vehicles. You don’t want someone working on your BMW who hasn’t worked on one in two months; you want someone who works on them every day, with the proper training and expertise to ensure quality workmanship every time.

Regular BMW Service

Once you get into a routine with your trusted mechanic, he or she can schedule you for routine maintenance and care. You’ll need to take care of the following on a regular basis, with the exact timeline dependent on your model and usage:

  • Other aspects of your BMW will be examined at your routine service appointments such as:
  • Oil changes: Intermediate oil changes are recommended every 7,500 miles; alternatively, wait until your Service Indicator Light or Service Interval System alerts you. By changing the oil and filter often, you can maintain a higher resale value and ensure increased longevity.
  • Tires: routine rotations and wheel balancing; generally this is recommended every 10,000 miles but again, this is dependent on your unique situation.
    • Brake fluid
    • Battery checks
    • Engine light diagnostics
    • Electrical system diagnostics
    • Transmission service
    • Steering and suspension
    • Inspection
    • Radiator service
    • Alignment
    • Drivetrain
    • Heating and cooling service

According to Be Car Care Aware, the most common problems that crop up with vehicles of all kinds include low engine or brake fluid, dirty air filters, low coolant levels, and contaminated washer fluid. Addressing these matters is easy when you have a trusted mechanic on your side that you can call to schedule a convenient appointment. Improving the safety, efficiency, and overall performance level of your BMW is the main goal of regular service. Neglecting warranty work, recalls, and regular maintenance by qualified professionals can be detrimental to your vehicle. You’ve worked hard to afford your BMW; do your part to treat it well and it will reciprocate the favor.

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