Keeping up with maintenance on your MBW is critical to its overall performance. Make sure you enjoy your BMW for as long as you can by scheduling regular service. Download an app to help remind yourself or keep track in an online calendar.

Owning a BMW has many perks, from status to performance. But in order to experience optimal performance out of your vehicle, you need to take regular service seriously. The performance dynamics and long-lasting durability of a BMW won’t mean much if you don’t keep up with maintenance.

That’s why service appointments are critical to make and keep. Failure to do so will reduce its lifespan and increase the chance for unnecessary repairs. The first step in this endeavor is to take your BMW to an auto repair shop that specializes in BMW parts, car maintenance and service right near you in Dallas, TX, such as Hance’s European.

Our team has the training, equipment and experience to properly care for your luxury car. Plus, we’re a BMW certified shop, so you can rest assured we are taking good care of you.

Regular Service

Regular service and maintenance for your BMW is critical, particularly in regards to technicians who work on your type of vehicle day in and day out, says Popular Mechanics, rather than just any old corner mechanic who works on several different domestic and foreign vehicles. Quality workmanship is guaranteed when you hire someone who knows the BMW brand backwards and forwards.

It’s important to get set up on a schedule of routine maintenance and care. The exact timeline for which you service your car will depend on your exact model and level of usage:

  • Tires: routine rotations and wheel balancing every 10,000 miles.
  • Oil changes: Every 7,500 miles or when your Service Indicator Light or Service Interval System light comes on. By changing the oil and filter as directed, you will maintain a higher re-sale value and ensure longevity.
  • Other components of your BMW will be examined at these routine service appointments:
  1. Brake fluid
  2. Transmission service
  3. Alignment
  4. Inspection
  5. Battery checks
  6. Engine light diagnostics
  7. Electrical system diagnostics
  8. Steering and suspension
  9. Radiator service
  10. Drivetrain
  11. Heating and cooling service

Be Car Care Aware points out that the most common problems seen with vehicles, not just BMWs, are low engine or brake fluid, dirty air filters, contaminated washer fluid and low coolant levels. Neglecting warranty work, recalls, and regular maintenance can have detrimental effects on your vehicle. Respond to all warranty and recall notices you may receive in the mail, and schedule an appointment to get this work done as soon as possible.

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