Bentleys are precision-crafted European vehicles that offer top-rated luxury and performance. However, they can be pretty demanding vehicles to own. That means the highest levels of performance are only maintained through a commitment to regular repair and care. Here are five of the most common repair issues that shouldn’t be ignored, specifically in regards to the Bentley Continental GT.

1.  Suspension System

Bentley utilizes an air suspension system. When it starts to show signs of wear, where one end of the car (typically the front) will be a bit lower. It’s vital that you catch this ASAP, as those symptoms can exacerbate the underlying problem, and in fact, a deflated airbag can morph into a destroyed compressor.

2.  Brake Light

The highest brake light tends to go out before all the others, particularly on the GT. This brake light is located at the center of the rear end, above the rear window. It’s a simple enough replacement, but it poses one of the more common problems with Bentleys.

3.  Electric Window

Prior to the window functions starting to fail, the issue makes itself known through a distinct hissing sound. If you begin hearing this, the motor is having problems and will need a repair. This repair may be made complicated by the overall lifting system, so it may not just involve a simple swap of motors.

Aside from the electric windows, other electric issues can crop up, as faulty icons can display on the dashboard, such as the check air pressure or check engine lights. This could signal a small electrical problem or it could signal a larger one. You will have to bring your Bentley in to the shop to determine the exact cause of the electrical problem.

4.  Brake Hoses

It’s recommended that you replace the brake hoses every five to 10 years. This may seem surprising to you first-time owners out there, but the high-end designs take a bit more TLC to stay in optimal condition.

5.  Routine Maintenance

Every vehicle requires routine maintenance, and Bentleys are no different. The Bentley Continental GT in particular adds a wrench into the works. Its precision engine features a tight fit into the body, causing some simple tasks (such as changing the spark plugs) requiring an engine lift to enable access.

As you can see, like any vehicle, Bentleys have some common repair and maintenance issues. But no worries, having a trusted auto repair shop that specializes in Bentleys in your corner is imperative.

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