Is your high-end European car looking a bit tired? Perhaps it’s time for a cleaning. You may think it’s just like cleaning any old car but not really — you have to give it a little extra TLC. There’s a lot more to the process than just waxing and washing. Protecting your vehicle’s paint job is priority #1. Here are some tips to follow.


Read the Labels: Before you soap up your car with store-bought chemicals, take the time to read the label. Every brand is different when it comes to the application of soap, wax and detailing agent, plus it varies by vehicle make and model too. For instance, if you use a chrome wheel cleaner on an aluminum set of wheels, you can easily damage it because this type of cleaner is very acidic, says Popular Mechanics.

Use the right supplies: Gather your supplies beforehand and make sure they’re not abrasive. Old dirty rags simply won’t do. Try premium quality micro-fiber cloths, kept in three different piles for those used on your paint, wheels, and windows. Be sure to wash all towels and cleaning mitts after each use.

Use the right soap: Don’t just squirt dish soap in a bucket and mix with water. For your European car, you will need a car washing soap specially formulated for high-end vehicles. That’s because dish soap can strip the wax and damage your paint job. Use clean gloves, sponges or cloths to gently wash away loose dust and dirt.

Put in a little elbow grease: For those areas that need extra TLC, such as scratches, swirls, areas of oxidation or tree sap that standard washing can’t get out, you’ll need to use a clay bar to get off those stubborn additions. This will also remove the wax so your car will become smooth yet again. Scratches can be removed using compounds, either applied by applicator pads or polishers. Conditioning oils can bring depth and dimension to your car, restoring its gloss.

Add wax: Wax is essential to protecting your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which can fade your paint job over time. Try either carnauba or polymer wax — preferably polymer which performs better, yet it’s also more expensive.

Use spray detailing agents: These will put the finishing touch on your vehicle to maintain its overall appearance. Apply it with a clean micro-fiber cloth for best results.

Wash your windows: Instead of reaching for your standard household glass cleaner, which can damage your tint due to the ammonia content, use a specially formulated auto window cleaner. Clean and wipe twice so no streaks remain.

Don’t neglect the wheels: The wheels are often over-looked because once you’ve spent so much time on the rest of the car, you’re too exhausted for the wheels. But save the time — clean tires make a big difference in the overall appearance of your vehicle. Check the labels to ensure you’re getting the right formula for your car. It’s a safe bet to go with an acid-free pH-balanced aluminum wheel spray.


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