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brakes-upgrade-car-careMaking the decision to enhance your BMW brakes with a performance upgrade is one that requires research. Equipping your European vehicle with quality brakes and other performance-oriented parts can augment the operation of your vehicle and make the driving experience superior. As the top source of stopping power for your car, high-performance brakes must be able to handle high-speed, advanced driving maneuvers. It’s important to trust a local European auto repair shop like Hance’s that sells and installs BMW parts near you.


Choosing the right pads and rotors based on your driving style and vehicle will increase brake life as well as safety, says Open Road. From pads to rotors, you should do your homework to ensure you understand exactly how each component works separately as well as in tandem with the other. Always seek the advice of a professional before choosing performance brake upgrades. When it comes to upgrading your stock brakes with performance parts, here’s all you need to know about making the switch.

Brake Pads

When upgrading your brakes, it helps to know the process. First, the procedure will entail a brake pad replacement. Brake pads absorb friction caused by the clamping down of brake rotors and calipers on a spinning wheel. When your vehicle is traveling at high speeds, it needs stronger brake pads made from alloy steel or carbon fiber for added durability and increased ability to withstand more friction without failure.

Brake Fluids

Your mechanic should be able to shed light on a better type of brake fluid for your upgraded brake system. Most braking systems are powered with hydraulics, relying on pressurized brake fluid to be able to stop quickly. High-specification brake fluid is needed to give top-performing brakes more precise stopping power, wearing down far less quickly than standard fluid.

Brake Rotors

When facing an upgrade, it’s also a good idea to replace the brake rotors. Stock brakes are made from re-processed iron, but performance brakes need virgin-alloy-iron-ingot for added strength and durability. After installation, you’ll see that your brakes are more responsive.

Why Upgrade?

Achieving a top level of performance starts with quality brakes that can deliver long-term stability and powerful stopping ability. The decision to upgrade is probably rooted in the knowledge that many vehicle manufacturers use the cheapest suppliers they can find to make the components that form the vehicle as a whole. With BMW, these original parts are much higher quality than non-luxury or non high-end European cars and are built to specific standards for quality and performance, but this may not be enough for you a discerning consumer. That’s why so many automotive enthusiasts choose to upgrade from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to after-market parts.

In general, higher-quality brake parts will:

  • Last longer
  • Decrease stopping distance
  • Perform better under extreme conditions
  • Improve your vehicle’s safety

Your dedicated BMW mechanic should be able to sit down with you and discuss the advantages of upgrading your brakes for superior performance.


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