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It’s always important to clean and disinfect your car’s interior, but even more so in the wake of COVID-19. It’s good practice on a regular basis because cleaning and sanitizing will keep everyone healthy. But how can you do it without harming your European vehicle’s interior? Whether you’re surrounded by supple leather and metallic trim or hard plastics and sun-kissed vinyl, viruses live on all surfaces. You’ll want to concentrate particularly on “touch points” – or those areas in which you come in contact with frequently.

Here are some tips on how to clean and disinfect your interior safely and effectively, whether you have a Jaguar or a Volkswagen.

Vacuum First

Start off with a good vacuuming of all areas. Take this time to de-clutter your space as well, throwing out all junk and trash that may have accumulated. Just keep in mind, an automotive interior contains various fabrics and hard surfaces that can’t all be cleaned in the same way. Yes, wipes and hand sanitizer can kill a virus, but they can also damage the materials in your car. Purchase car care products made for your specific interior, and use them to get rid of any large amounts of dirt, dust or heavy deposits, suggests Car and Driver.

You really can’t clean until all crumbs and pieces of dirt have been removed, as they can scratch your interiors.

Sanitize All Touch Points

The best method of cleaning a car interior is by using soap and water, as most dish soaps are very mild. This is a much less stressful type of cleaning agent than a harsh anti-bacterial wipe. It’s best to use in conjunction with a microfiber towel. After soaking it in the water and soap, wring out any excess water before you start to wipe things down.

Pay attention to door handles and the steering wheel, but really think about what you touch often when in your car such as the radio knob, cupholders, glove box, sun visors and seatbelts. It’s helpful to start at the top (think: overhead lights and sunglass holders) and work your way down. Don’t forget about the arm rest and center console, as well as the interior door panels. Next, head to the rear of the vehicle and get all the places where sticky hands can go, such as cupholders the backs of seats.

Don’t neglect the accessories in your European vehicle, as well, such as chargers, cell phone holders, car fresheners, sunglasses and anything hanging from your rearview mirror. You should do this on a regular basis, at least once a week, to stay safe and healthy in your vehicle.

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