Keeping Your Mercedes in Tip-Top Shape

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You love your Mercedes. It’s dependable, reliable, and gets you there in style. We love Mercedes, too — that’s why we dedicate ourselves to working on this type of vehicle each and every day. At Hance’s European, you’re getting access to specialized service and highly trained technicians who work on high-end foreign cars like Mercedes. You want peace of mind that your vehicle will be treated to the very best service while in our shop, and we give you that peace of mind.

It’s important to keep your Mercedes Benz in tip-top condition through regular service, repairs and maintenance. It’s important to get the following components checked on a regular basis so your vehicle runs smoothly:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Electronic Stability Program
  • Active Body Control

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Tips for Good Maintenance

From checking your coolant system components to checking the condition of your battery, there are certain things vehicle owners — and Mercedes owners in particular — should be doing on a regular basis to ensure their vehicles are working in tip-top shape. In the course of these regular checks, understanding your Mercedes’ unique requirements can be beneficial. As a side note, Hance’s European provides some handy tips and guides about maintaining your Mercedes, a resource that Mercedes owners might find useful.

Check the Date and Condition of the Battery

Living in Dallas, TX, you aren’t plagued with the extreme cold that can sap energy from your car’s battery- as Mercedes owners up north are. However, if your Mercedes battery is more than five years old, get it checked by a professional. That’s because age causes batteries to build up deposits that can slash the battery’s effectiveness. You can also check the date of the battery yourself by looking in one of three places: the trunk on the left-hand side, under the hood near the passenger side cowling or under the driver’s seat. Some Mercedes have two batteries. Check the date code of manufacture, which is different from the installation date. In addition, leaving your car sitting for more than two weeks without starting it can slowly leak its voltage, so you may want to have that tested.

Check the Coolant System

Many of these components, such as the radiator and expansion tank, are comprised of plastic. As you know, plastic can become hard and brittle thanks to high heat, resulting in possible cracks and leaks. Rubber hoses can also crack or blister. Hance’s European can check these components for you regularly. In addition, it’s important to change or flush the coolant every couple of years to keep deposits from building up.

Check Tire Pressure and Wear

There’s a lot riding on your Mercedes’ tires. They take a lot of the abuse you put your car through on a daily basis, so it stands to reason this is one of the biggest maintenance tasks you should be concentrating on. It’s not just a flat tire or blowout you should be worried about: it’s important to maintain proper tire pressure so as to achieve optimum handling from your vehicle, from everyday driving to making emergency maneuvers, say JD Powers and Associates. In addition to risking your life on tires that are not properly inflated, you can increase the car’s rolling resistance with tires that fail to have the correct air pressure.

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