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Purchasing a used Audi is an economical way to enjoy a reliable, luxury vehicle, but buying a used car is always a risk. The older the car the bigger the risk for something to go wrong. There are several things you can check to increase your chances of success. But if you want to cut the risk you need to find a car with an impeccable service history.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a used Audi. Below are some tips on how to choose the Audi that is right for you. As long as you do your research and look into the history of the vehicle, you should be able to find a used Audi that you are very happy with!

  1. Exterior: The exterior of a car can speak volumes about its condition. Many car owners and used car dealers repaint the body panels to cover up any scratches or damages. The best way to know if the car is repainted is to open the car door and look for overspray. Next, you should examine the headlights and fog lights. First, obviously, check if the headlights and fog lights are working. Second, check if the headlights are xenon. To check this, look for the headlight washer right below the headlights. Xenon lights need them by default. The next in line are the tail lights. Examine these lights for cracks or scratches, and make sure all bulbs are working. Press the rear fog light switch, and check that only one bulb turns on
  2. Engine: First, check the engine oil. The car owner would have changed the engine oil, and he/she is bound to have the receipts. Check that the oil used was in the list of oils approved by Audi. You can find this information on their website. Next, open the hood, and check the power steering fluid, which should be green in color, the coolant, which should be pink or purple in color, and the brake fluid, which should be milky in color. Engine chipping is another area that needs to be checked properly. It is very normal for car owners to chip their engines to enhance the car’s performance. Though this method increases the engine’s performance, if anything goes wrong after chipping, Audi does not take any responsibility for the damage.
  3. Interior: Examine the seat covers and car mats for any damages. Look for any scratches or damages to the dashboard, cup holders, and speaker tray. You should also check the audio system thoroughly. Audi cars fall in the luxury bracket, and usually have high-end music systems. If the owner has not made any after-market changes to the audio system, then the car should be equipped with a Bang & Olufsen Sound System. Check if all the features of the sound system are working properly. The sun/moon roof of the car should also be checked for any defects. Press the appropriate buttons, and check its operation at every stage. It should slide smoothly without making any noise. The heated steering wheel should also be checked, if the model you are planning to buy has one.

Apart from the ones mentioned above are, here are some more features that you need to check before signing the dotted line.

❖ Bluetooth Car Phone
❖ Anti-theft Alarm
❖ Drive Select (check for the three modes-comfort, auto, or dynamic)
❖ Lane Assist
❖ Driver Seat Memory Function
❖ Homelink
❖ Light and Rain Sensors
❖ Multimedia Interface (MMI)

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