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If you have a Jaguar, you know the many benefits that come with Jaguar ownership. But you also know your European vehicle needs a lot of TLC. Sometimes things need service, repair or maintenance. One of those components is the AC system.

Many things can go wrong with it, especially if you don’t take good care of the system over the years. Neglecting routine maintenance and repairs will only serve to leave you without cool air in the sweltering summer months.

Finding the most experienced Jaguar specialist is a great start. They can work with you to ensure your Jag is getting the TLC it needs to thrive. Here are some tips for maintaining your Jaguar’s AC system.

Ongoing Maintenance Tips

The best thing you can do is to run your AC at least occasionally. This will ensure your system remains in tip-top shape throughout the year. Yes, there are many specific services your AC needs that only a trusted mechanic can take care of. But even engaging in the most basic of maintenance requirements will greatly improve the quality and longevity of your air conditioning system.

Use the Defrost Setting

If you haven’t used the AC in a while and suddenly turn it on full blast, you may smell a foul or musty odor coming from the vents. This is quite common, especially if you haven’t turned on the AC lately. It’s typically caused by mold and mildew buildup created by the moist conditions within AC units. You can combat this by running your defroster daily for a few minutes, which works to prevent excess humidity that could be trapped in your AC system.

Act Quickly When Detecting Odors

Strange smells — and their origins – are concerning signs that you shouldn’t take lightly. Watch out for the following odors and what they may mean:

  • Must or Mildew Odor: This odor could signify the presence of mold from the evaporator inside the cooling system. Try running the heater on high for a bit to dry out the heating core/evaporator, suggests Kelley Blue Book.
  • Sweet Smell: This could signal an antifreeze leak. Ask your trusted mechanic to run a leak test to confirm the problem and suggest ways to address it.
  • Gas Odor: This may indicate a hazardous gas leak, or it could mean your gas cap is not on securely. Bring it to a mechanic for troubleshooting immediately.

Use the Air Conditioner Weekly

Your AC system uses pressurized gas to ensure the air compressor pumps enough air into the cabin. But the gas can lose pressure over time, which then weakens the compressor’s ability. Try blasting the air conditioner at its coldest temperature for many minutes at a time, which will keep the gas pressurized, plus it will ensure the compressor remains in good working condition.

Run Your AC No Matter the Season

You should periodically run your AC no matter what the season is: fall, winter, summer, or spring. This will help maintain the AC’s function. This can be tough to remember in the colder months, but you should still make a note to do it.

By running your AC system regularly, you can help prevent moisture buildup and do your part to maintain gas pressure. Remember: use it or lose it!

Get Routine Air Conditioner Servicing

Your air conditioning system must be serviced on a regular basis, as specified in your Jaguar owner’s manual. There are many tasks that need to be taken care of, such as changing cabin air filters, recharging pressurized gas, and getting periodic system inspections. Don’t ignore warning signs if your AC starts to fail. Doing so will only delay crucial service that could extend the life of your Jag’s AC system. Always stick to your vehicle’s routine servicing plan.

Recharge the System

If your AC isn’t blowing cold air and you have an older model, you’ll have to recharge it. In fact, you should do this every other year. Your mechanic will check for refrigerant leaks at the same time and supply your system with sufficient Freon if needed.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Your cabin air filter serves an important purpose, as it filters air that’s drawn from the outside. It filters out anything from dust and pollen to pollution and debris so it doesn’t get into your air supply and circulate. Clogged filters reduce the AC’s airflow and power, plus it could make some pretty annoying noises.

You can clean the filter or you can replace it. If cleaning it, remove all debris, rinse with water and let it dry thoroughly. It’s probably easier and healthier just to replace it with a new one.

Keep the Grill Clear

Air gets drawn in from the grill in front of the Jag’s windshield. But if that grill is clogged with debris like leaves or grass, your AC system has to work overtime just to get you comfortable. This inefficiency puts a strain on your AC and wastes gas at the same time. Check your grill weekly and pull off any debris you may notice has gotten stuck inside.

If the debris has gotten past the grill, it could find its way into the cabin air filter, and a clogged air filter doesn’t allow for adequate air circulation in the cabin of your Jaguar.

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