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Most people who get luxury auto service do it to make their high-end car road ready.

After all, machines of this caliber need service that’s tailored to match. Only the best mechanics and top parts are fitting for these fine vehicles. With the proper maintenance and repairs, luxury autos will perform better on the road. 

But did you know that having a luxury auto serviced is handy even if you aren’t driving it?

The truth is that these cars represent an investment. They’re brands, heirlooms, and pieces of auto history. Because of this, the choice to keep them up can pay off in multiple ways. When you visit a luxury auto repair shop, you could prepare your auto for one of these uses.

Increase Your Auto’s Value with Regular Service

Cars are one of the most valuable assets out there. Especially for those who enjoy the luxury side of the auto industry, their driveway or garage can be a storehouse of immense value.

If there’s one drawback in a luxury car’s potential as an asset, it’s that it’s constantly depreciating. This is especially true for older cars – as much as their classic appeal may connect with antique auto enthusiasts, their value can still tick down significantly over the years.

Regular upkeep can preserve your vehicle, helping with issues like:

  • Major repairs: Even if your auto’s entire engine has stopped working, the right luxury auto service can fix or replace it so the car gains a massive boost in value.
  • Minor repairs: From basic oil changes to brake checks, it’s easy to let these routine steps get away from you with a luxury car – but if a vehicle has a solid servicing history, it will automatically go for more on the market.
  • Diagnostic work: Sometimes those odd sounds or strange shakes can be a mystery in older or foreign cars. But trained professionals can provide you with clear answers and reliable work to fix all your issues.

Getting the Audi, BMW, or Jaguar service you’ve been putting off can make your auto more valuable. Even if it isn’t your primary means of transport, you’ll benefit from keeping it up – either for yourself or for the future owner who buys it off you for a high price. 

Prepare Your Prized Vehicle for Car Shows

Anyone who’s ever owned a luxury car knows that there’s a lot of appeal in these vehicles. This is true to such a degree that entire communities exist of people who like to share and showcase their classic, foreign, and rare cars.

If you’re someone who would consider taking their prized vehicle to one of these events so it can be adored by fellow auto enthusiasts, make sure it’s prepared for the journey.

For some people who own luxury autos, this is the most travel their car sees. Because of this, it’s wise to take it down to the local luxury auto repair shop to make sure it’s prepared for the event. Consider important matters like:

  • The engine should be running at optimal levels, so spectators can enjoy the sound of the roar or even sit inside and feel the machine’s performance firsthand
  • Especially for older cars, mileage-based tuneups could be necessary for issues like transmission repair, belt replacements, etc.
  • All electrical fixtures should be working, so everything about the car and its unique design can be shown off at the event

This is a time where your car’s value should be celebrated and appreciated. It’s a worthwhile investment to get the Bentley, Porsche®, or Mercedes service you need. When you have an auto you’re proud of, have it fine tuned so the car community can enjoy it too.

Ready Your Luxury Car for Potential Future Travels

Many luxury auto owners have a few vehicles – some of them may be more common brands that see a lot more road action than their luxury models. But just because you spend more time behind the wheel of your regular auto doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep the others ready.

If you have luxury automobiles, there’s nothing like breaking them out every now and then. When the weather is nice and clear and the mood or occasion calls for it, cruising around in your antique or European car can be a form of therapy.

Sure, you may not drive it every day or use it as your primary means of transportation. But if you do decide to show it off, it’s nice to know it’s ready for action. In fact, October is an excellent time to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. If you’re wondering how to get your car ready for Car Care Month, there are numerous resources and guides available to help you.

This is also handy in case something were to happen to your other car or cars. Even if your luxury auto is a backup that you try to drive sparingly, keeping it serviced will ensure it’s ready to hit the road on a regular basis if needed.

Please note that regular maintenance and care of your luxury vehicle not only prolongs its lifespan but also enhances your driving experience. Be sure to take advantage of Car Care Month to give your vehicle the attention it deserves.

Need Luxury Auto Service and Repair? Hance’s Can Help

Luxury autos appeal to us for many reasons. Maybe it’s the unique aesthetics. It could be their iconic performance. Or it could even be their special place in the history and legacy of the auto industry as a whole.

Whatever it is that drives your passion in luxury, foreign, or antique vehicles, you need an auto repair service that’s as dedicated to these cars as you are. This is where Hance’s European can help. 

Whether you drive a Land Rover, Volkswagen, or any other type of exotic or high-end car that needs service, you can count on our trained automotive specialists to handle the job properly. We bring credentials you can feel confident in, including:

  • Nearly three decades of experience
  • A near-perfect review score from previous customers
  • Proven skills on all major European and exotic car brands

Maybe you’re hoping to keep the years from taking value from your expensive auto. You could be getting it ready for the big auto show where its beauty will be truly appreciated. Or you could just desire to keep it road ready as a backup car or a special way to treat yourself on a Sunday drive.

Whatever your motivation, get on the road to luxury auto service by getting in touch with us. You can contact us here to schedule an appointment for your high-end vehicle today.