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When you’re the owner of a luxury European vehicle, maintenance is critical in preserving the integrity of your ride. It can be tough, though, to locate the right parts in an effort to keep your car in optimal condition. Many people wonder if they should use genuine parts made specifically for the vehicle’s make and model, or if more affordable aftermarket parts would be OK.

Keep in mind that even the most trusted car manufacturers outsource the parts they offer, even when the label says that they have been made in-house. That’s because it’s expensive to make car parts in-house, whether that’s due to the cost of materials and specialized equipment or the lack of space in their factories. 

auto repair and maintenance in dallas texas

OEM Parts: Quality

If you talk to any auto enthusiast, they likely strongly believe that OEM parts are the best way to go because the manufacturers are experts in their own parts, translating to quality and longevity. OEM parts are made specifically for certain makes and models so this isn’t a big stretch to assume that they’re the best.


The biggest difference between OEM and non-OEM parts is the packaging. OEM packaging states right on it that the part is genuine. Many people assume this means there’s no higher quality out there and that the new part won’t give them any problems. This isn’t necessarily true.

That’s because different parts will have different quality levels depending on the manufacturer. Some parts may not work right out of the gate while some may work for years. You can’t predict longevity just by glancing at the packaging.

When an original car manufacturer outsources the manufacturing of their parts, part manufacturers have to negotiate with vehicle manufacturers with an offer to make replacement parts for each make and model. This deal usually lasts for a set amount of time, after which the part manufacturer can sell those parts anywhere they please.

If you take your vehicle to a mechanic, the likelihood that you’re getting an OEM part is low. But if you take it to a dealership, it will most certainly be an OEM part. Keep in mind you will pay more for OEM parts.

Safety and Reliability of Aftermarket Parts

You may call into question the safety and dependability of non-OEM parts. Should you go that route? Are they as durable as OEM parts? Are they safe for use? In general, yes, you should be able to purchase aftermarket parts with confidence. There have been many studies performed between aftermarket and OEM parts, but no conclusive results show one is better than the other. 

The type of part you buy will depend heavily on your budget and whether you take your car to the dealership or a local mechanic. 

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