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As a Porsche owner, you certainly care about maintaining your vehicle. But there are very valid reasons why maintenance should be a priority at all times. To extend the length of ownership, heed these tips.

1.  Cost of Maintenance

Your car and insurance payments aren’t the only obligation of vehicle ownership. Regular Porsche maintenance is at the top of the list. Work with your experienced local European vehicle mechanics to come up with a maintenance schedule and budget that allow you to keep up with tune-ups, scheduled service and repairs. You’ll also want to build in an emergency cushion in case unexpected repairs come up.

2.  Reliability

A vehicle is useless if you can’t rely on it at all times. Getting stranded on the side of the road is never fun. This is one of the main reasons why you need to make Porsche maintenance a priority. Your vehicle must get you to your destination every single time you need it to, without any mechanical issues or unexpected waiting around for a tow truck.

3.     Resale Value

This is another big one. Typically when you buy a new car, you hope you can eventually resell it to recoup some of your initial investment. Holding on to a vehicle too long means there are excessive miles and wear and tear, making it difficult to retain resale value. If you own the right vehicle, AKA a Porsche, you can put the proper amount of care into it and thus retain its value.

4.     Quality of Care

When deciding how long to keep your Porsche, you have to think about how it was treated before you purchased it (if you bought used). If it had 100,000 miles on it before you bought it or it suffered major damage due to flooding, make sure it gets a thorough inspection because those issues could impact your car over time.

  • Damage
  • Level of care
  • Commitment to maintenance

These all factor into the lifespan of your Porsche.

5.  Keeping Your Porsche: It Just Makes Sense

Porsches have always been known for being high-performing, well-engineered machines. To that end, they require high-quality care and frequent maintenance in order to perform at optimum levels. You’ve already invested a lot of time and money into the purchase of your Porsche. It only makes sense that you would protect that investment over time with plenty of TLC. Not only can you extend the life of your vehicle, you can also maximize its performance.

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