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Whether you own a BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar or Porsche, it’s important to treat your European car with care. Part of that involves taking your car to a specialty shop whenever it needs maintenance, repairs or service. As the owner of a European car, you may feel overwhelmed with all the choices you may have. How can you know which shop mechanics will understand your specific needs? How do you find one that won’t charge you an arm and a leg? What are your options?

A big myth today is that you have to take your European car to the dealership at which you bought it in order to receive top-quality service, parts and attention. Not always so. Local, independent auto shops have the tools, equipment, skills and ability to fix your car just as well as a dealer can, if not better. Plus, this option can usually save you a lot of money.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing your independent European car or auto repair shop.

Certified Technicians

Many auto repair shops require that their technicians undergo extensive training and certifications to ensure quality service and properly-performed repairs. A good European repair shop will also require their technicians attend additional training on make-specific maintenance requirements, processes, parts and more. This training, similar to what dealership technicians must go through, gives you added peace of mind.

Certified Parts

With European cars, it’s critical to get the correct part for your repair or service. Most general auto shops just don’t carry these parts. Either that or they have partnerships with manufacturers to get certain parts, which may be more expensive or lower in quality than you would expect. You should go with a shop that only uses certified parts that are made specifically for your vehicle and performance level.

Look for these two types of certification:

  • OE: The same parts that you would get if you went to an authorized dealership.
  • OEM: Parts that come from the same factory that manufactures your parts, but that are boxed by respective brand.

Find a shop, like Hance’s European, that uses top-of-the-line equipment and quality OE parts for all repair and maintenance services.

In conclusion, you should never be afraid to talk to the shop. Ask them questions, such as what parts they use, where they get them, what kind of training they have, what their certification is and what the turnaround times are.

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