9 Holiday Gifts for the High-End Vehicle Owner in Your Life

Decisions…decisions…it’s always hard to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone. If your spouse, parent, friend or child is the owner of a high-end European vehicle like a BMW or Jaguar, it’s a fair bet that they’re pretty passionate about what they drive. They’re probably picky about what they use ON their car and IN their car. If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas for your classy-car-driving loved ones, here are a few ideas.


1. Leather Driving Gloves

Nothing says James Bond like a good pair of leather driving gloves. Not only do they keep hands toasty while on the steering wheel, they add plenty of grip to an otherwise slippery surface. Plus, they can protect fresh leather steering wheels from the dirt and oil that build up from driving barehanded, points out Business Insider.

2. Die Cast Model Car

What guy (or gal) doesn’t want a miniature replica of their Porsche, Mercedes or Jag? The recipient can assemble it on their own time, and proudly display it in their office, living room or man cave.

3. Dash Cam

Car accidents happen — it’s a fact of life. To minimize the chance of post-accident questions, invest in a dash cam that can capture any accidents that may occur on camera. This way, you can show law enforcement and the insurance companies what really went down.

4. Personalized Leather Key Chain

What car enthusiast isn’t all about customization? Even down to the minor details like keychains, these accessories can really round out the look of the driver and the car itself. Custom leather keychains can be personalized with stamped words, dates or letters of your choosing.

5. Wheel Cleaning Kit

Any true car enthusiast knows how valuable a nice, clean set of wheels can be while out tooling around. Yes, wheels are important to overall vehicle function, but who says they can’t also look good? Wheels are to high-end European cars are what jewelry can be for a woman going out on the town. It’s no secret wheels are expensive, so help your spouse or friend take good care of them. There are kits for sale geared specifically toward higher end vehicles that help remove built-up brake dust and road debris without scratching the surface.

6. Smart Phone Dash Mount

It’s far preferable to spend money on car accessories like smart phone dash mounts than on tickets for operating a mobile device while driving. Get your car enthusiast a dash mount for his phone so he can concentrate on enjoying the driving experience rather than worrying about a communication device.

7. Matching Apparel

If your husband loves his Mercedes Benz or your mom is obsessed with her Porsche, buy them customized t-shirts, jackets, polos or sneakers that match their luxury brand. Nothing says pride in your car like matching apparel!

8. Speedometer Cufflinks

To add a touch of class and whimsy to any outfit, invest in a pair of speedometer cufflinks for the car enthusiast in your life. This way, they can profess their love for speed even when dressed in a nice suit at the office.

9. Driving Loafers

Make the driving experience more comfortable with driving loafers for cruising. Handcrafted waterproof suede is the material of choice, so don’t skimp on quality.


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