Car maintenance is even more crucial now that the cooler weather is settling in. Make sure you’ve addressed all issues from the summer and fall to ensure a smooth-driving winter in Dallas. Not only will this allow for a better riding experience, it will also save you money on gas and help save the environment. Taking good care of your high-end European car goes beyond keeping the tank full, cleaning it from time to time and changing the oil.

Tips to keep in mind:

Protecting Your Car

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times. When they’re not, the wear and tear of your tires increases, not to mention your fuel costs.
  • Stay on top of regular tuneups to increase fuel efficiency and the lifespan of the car.
  • Change the oil and filter regularly for a clean engine and reduced emissions.
  • Keep the exterior clean. It’s pretty simple: wash your car when it needs it, but don’t neglect the underside, where salt and road grime love to gather. If allowed to remain, rust will result. Do a hand wash instead of going through a car wash so you can take your time to avoid scratches and oversights.
  • Apply a coat or two of wax every six months.
  • You can further protect the exterior by parking in the shade when possible, using window deflector screens, and applying a UV protectant to your dashboard so the material won’t dry out.
  • Replace brake fluid annually, as moisture can cause it to corrode and fail. Changing fluid is a cheap proposition, when compared with replacing calipers, hoses and sensors to great expense, says Kelley Blue Book.

Protecting the Environment

  • Refrain from topping off at the pump. Once you hear the click, end it. If you keep trying to get one more pump of gas out, you will allow harmful vapors to enter the air.
  • Get all your errands done at once to avoid coming and going several times a day or week.
  • Avoid driving aggressively, flooring the gas and then jamming on the brakes.
  • Stay away from bumper to bumper traffic. All that stop-and-go is generating emissions, wasting gas and increasing wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Try carpooling or taking public transportation at least a couple times a week. If you live in the city, bike to work.
  • Get full inspections of your emission system, which controls your car’s emissions, exhaust and pollutants via sensors, computerized engine controls and exhaust components. Not only will you keep your passengers safe from harmful gases, you’ll also help your engine run clean.
  • Check the gas cap, as one that’s loose, cracked or even missing can allow vapors to escape the tank.
  • Avoid storing unnecessary items in your car, such as sports equipment or an empty roof top carrier because it weighs your car down and makes the engine work harder than it should. You’re also burning more fuel. The only things that should be in your back seat or trunk all the time are a spare tire kit and first-aid kit.


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