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As the proud owner of a European car, whether Porsche, Audi or BMW, you likely know the many benefits of owning such a luxurious vehicle. After all, you saved your money and did the research to select the perfect European sedan or SUV. From aesthetics to performance, there are many reasons why people continue to buy these types of vehicles.

When searching for cars these days, we have a few big choices – those that originate from Asian production lines, those that are made here in the USA, and those that have been imported from Europe. All have benefits. But there are clear advantages to going European.


European cars are simply packed with lots of details and extras that are often overlooked at first glance. Take BMW, for example, which employs a team whose sole purpose is to work on the acoustical design specific to noise and vibration. The team’s role is to ensure BMW emits the perfect sound, from the engine sound to the trunk closing to the wipers gliding across the windshield. The difference is truly in the details when it comes to European car manufacturing.

Style and Function

Style and function are both important characteristics of European vehicles. You’ll notice such details down to the very hand stitching of the seat fabric, the feel of the plastics, and the quality of the finish. For example, the BMW i3 has door panels comprised of hemp which lowers the weight of the vehicle by 10 percent. It also creates a distinctive fibrous, matte finish. The combination of detailed design features and thoughtful innovation certainly makes European cars stand out above the rest as an attractive option in the marketplace.


European car manufacturers have always been leaders in safety innovation. Volvo, for example, is a Swedish car maker that first introduced the three-point seatbelt in 1959. Since then, it’s been a top leader in car safety. Volvo isn’t the only one. Many other European manufacturers now incorporate many features that come standard across the whole range, making safety features accessible to anyone in the market for a new vehicle – and not just those people who can afford the most expensive, top-spec models.


Assistance technologies are increasingly common in newer vehicles. The 2016 BMW 7-Series, for example, features an innovative parking assist gadget that assumes full control of the steering, acceleration and braking to successfully complete any maneuver. This makes drivers’ lives easier when they have to squeeze into tight spots or back out of a parking space.

Even in reverse, there is an acceleration prohibition system that will stop the vehicle from moving if a suspected impact is imminent, a feature that is yet another step in the autonomous driving industry.

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