Are you in the market for a luxury European car like a BMW, Porsche or Audi? No doubt you’re making an excellent choice. That’s because European luxury vehicles give you an amazing value for your money, but they happen to have different specifications compared with your typical Asian- or American-made vehicles. To make your European vehicles last longer and serve you better, you have to know how they operate and what to expect.

Here’s what you should know before purchasing a European luxury vehicle.

What Makes European Vehicles Different From All the Rest?

From design and functionality to looks and fuel efficiency, there are certain characteristics that set European vehicles apart from the other types of vehicles. Let’s break it down:

  • Design and functionality: The top factor that makes European cars stand head and shoulders above the rest is their unique functionality and design. On one hand, this makes them more classy and comfortable, but on the other, this means that not every auto mechanic will be able to service or repair it. Don’t just leave your vehicle with any old repairer. Modern luxury vehicles need mechanics that know European vehicles inside and out.


Otherwise, you’re compromising the car’s standards. Finding an automotive specialist that has the technical know-how to repair your car is key. You need the top rated luxury import car repair garage in your area so you can get peace of mind knowing the person under the hood won’t damage your car. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far:  Hance’s European is here for you, backed by a team of experts committed to providing top-level maintenance and repair service for your European car. Located right here in Dallas TX, we have built a reputation in the area over the years as a trusted European car repair company you can rely on.

  • Fuel Efficiency:  The fuel efficiency of your car will determine how far it can travel on little fuel. Fuel-efficient cars will complement your budget. You’re in luck, as most European cars are very fuel efficient, so you won’t have to shell out too much on gas. One big reason new cars lose fuel efficiency is due to their spark plugs getting damaged as a result of continuous usage without being promptly replaced. This makes your car use more gas than it should. Stay on top of regular maintenance to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Streamlined Appearance: European vehicles just look good. Designed to be sleek and classy, European vehicles are at the height of the luxury market. You’ll get what you pay for, which is higher functionality, more safety features and top-of-the-line technology packages.

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