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Do you own a Land Rover in Dallas? Do you suspect it needs service or a repair? It’s best to be prepared before talking to your trusted mechanic so you can give them the information they need.

When attending the appointment, have a list of information you want to go over so you do not forget anything. Proper communication is important when bringing your Land Rover in for service because it helps your European vehicle mechanic better understand what’s plaguing your vehicle from the start.

If poor communication was a big reason you ditched your previous mechanic, you’ll want to make a renewed effort to establish a strong working relationship with the mechanics at Hance’s European! We are happy to help.

Avoiding miscommunication issues can be achieved when discussing important information with your technician. Upon bringing in your Land Rover for service, here are some tips on effective communication so you get the best and most accurate service possible.

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Be Clear About What’s Happening

Be sure to clearly outline the problem or issue that’s concerning you. Completing a diagnostic form beforehand can be very helpful and can save time. This will also give your technician a better understanding of what you’re experiencing with your Land Rover. When it’s your first time at Hance’s, or any other mechanic, you’ll probably be asked to complete a detailed vehicle service history.

This gives your technician a well-rounded view of your car, its history and what it needs to run smoothly. You will also be ensuring quality service because your mechanic will be better able to align his or her service with your expectations. Plus, it allows the shop – and yourself — to stay apprised of factory-recommended services.

According to Forbes, the more clear you can be with your mechanic, the better they can diagnose and repair the problem in a timely manner. Try to determine what the problem may be, and take notes on any weird sounds you hear, along with any leaks or odors. Take note of their frequency as well. Tell your mechanic what was happening right before the Rover stopped running, as well as how well it was operating the day prior to it failing.

Obtain an Estimate

Getting a clear, detailed and accurate estimate before signing off on work is important. It’s also important to get that estimate in writing. You want to avoid any and all surprises that can arise when you get the bill in hand. The estimate should include all services that need to be done and outline any issues you have discussed with the technician.

Confirm That Estimate

The next step is to authorize the work by adding your signature to the agreed-upon amount. Just keep in mind sometimes there are delays in service or price increases due to circumstances out of their control. Add a little padding just to cover any unforeseen events. That said, your technician should always call you to discuss any repairs, price increases or delays that weren’t initially discussed.

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Be Around If They Need You

Issues crop up – it’s a fact of life. Delays, price adjustments, etc. Always give your mechanic the best phone number to reach you at in case they need you in a pinch. Any delays in contacting you will delay service on your Land Rover, as we’re pretty sure you don’t want to be without your vehicle longer than you have to!

Your mechanic may contact you for any number of reasons, such as when they can’t get a certain part you need in time, or there have been some unanticipated additional expenses. When they can let you know of these issues in a timely manner, you won’t be surprised and upset when you get a look at the final bill.

When you have a tight budget, it’s OK to ask if the suggested service or part is crucial to the performance and safety of your Land Rover. If not, ask to hold off on the service or specify which parts of the estimate you feel comfortable authorizing. Non-critical issues can be postponed in most instances.

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