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With October being Car Care Month, we thought it would be fitting to go over some car-care basics for first-time European vehicle owners. Many tasks are quite simple and can be done right in your driveway, such as checking the tire pressure, installing new windshield wipers and polishing the car. Other jobs, such as changing the brakes or the oil, need to be done in a professional garage by a certified technician.

Here’s how to keep your new car in the best shape possible:

Peruse the Owner’s Manual

Not many people bother to read through the owner’s manual cover to cover unless forced to. However, it’s always smart to familiarize yourself with this valuable document. You’ll learn all about your car’s features, including some you may not even realize you had. You’ll also learn which oil or fluid to use, and what maintenance schedule you should be following.

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Use Common Sense

Be on the lookout for any strange or unusual noises, smells, or fluid leaks. Keep an eye on any changes in performance, such as diminished steering abilities, braking or acceleration. When you address problems now, you may be able to prevent big repair bills that may arise from ignoring warning signs.

Check Tire Pressure

Perhaps no other routine maintenance task is more important than ensuring your tires are properly inflated. Under-inflated tires tend to not only wear faster and degrade handling, but they also waste gas. Be sure to check the tire pressure at least once a month and before heading out on any long road trip.

You’ll find the correct inflation pressure inside the driver’s door jamb, or on the interior of the glove-box or fuel door. It’s a good idea to keep a tire pressure gauge in your car, too.

Pamper Your Paint

When you regularly wash and wax your car, you are doing your part to preserve the paint, guarding it from the effects of corrosive salt, bugs, bird droppings, and road grime. Remember to wax at least every few weeks. No wax job lasts forever!

Keep up With Service Appointments

It’s very easy to let these go by the wayside. After all, your car seems to be doing fine, right? Wrong. You never know what could be going on behind the scenes. Keep up with all scheduled services, including oil changes and tire rotations.

Replace the Wipers

Windshield wipers degrade over time and need replacement at least every six months or so. Otherwise, they start to leave streaks. If you wait till the wiper rubber disintegrates and dislodges, the grating motion of the bare wiper arm on the windshield will damage your windshield in seconds.

Contact Hance’s European

Need more tips for caring for your European car? Call us at 214-800- 4571 to ask anything you’d like, or to book a service appointment. Remember that October is Car Care Month, so do your part to keep your car looking and operating great!