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You spent a lot of money on your high-end European car. Don’t let it look worn and haggard. Keep up the value and appearance of your BMW, Porsche or Land Rover with a good cleaning. Your European car needs a little extra TLC, but there are more steps to the process than simply waxing and washing. Protecting your vehicle’s paint job is critical.

Check out these cleaning tips.

Read All Cleaning Product Labels First

Before applying any type of cleaning product to your car, take a few moments to peruse the label. Each brand out there is different in regards to the application of soap, wax and detailer, and can also vary by vehicle make and model. Let’s take a chrome wheel cleaner, for example. If you use this on an aluminum wheel, you can do a lot of damage because this type of cleaner is very acidic, according to Popular Mechanics.

Choose the Right Soap

It’s not enough to quirt some dish soap from your kitchen into a bucket and mix it with water. For a European car, you’ll need to use a car washing soap that has been specifically formulated for high-end vehicles. This is due to the fact that dish soap may strip the wax and damage the paint job. When gently washing away loose contaminants such as dust, dirt, and mud, only use clean mitts or cloths.

Gather Supplies Beforehand

Gather your supplies, making sure they’re not abrasive. Ditch the old dirty rags and go with premium-quality microfiber cloths. Make separate piles for each intention: one each for the paint, wheels, and windows. Wash all towels and cleaning mitts after you use them.

Don’t be Afraid to Use Elbow Grease

When you notice scratches, swirls, tree sap or areas of oxidation that aren’t coming out with regular cleaning, grab a clay bar designed to remove stubborn bonded contaminants. Keep in mind, this will also remove the wax so you will get an original, smooth feel. Remove scratches using compounds, applied by polishers or applicator pads. Use conditioning oils to add depth and dimension for optimal gloss restoration.

Add Wax

Wax will protect your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which tend to fade your paint job. Stick with either carnauba wax or polymer wax. Finish up with a spray detailer on a clean microfiber cloth.

Wash the Windows

Nix the household glass cleaner (it has a high ammonia content that can damage your tint) and go with specially-formulated auto window cleaner.

Wash the Wheels

Choose an acid-free pH-balanced aluminum wheel cleaner when washing your vehicle’s wheels.

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