When That Check Engine Light Comes on

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There it is: the dreaded “check engine” light. Now what? Your first instinct may be to ignore it, but that’s the worst thing you can do, especially when it comes to a European car that needs special TLC. Failure to address it now may lead to bigger problems down the road. An expert evaluation is always required when that annoying little light comes on, and here’s why.


First and foremost, troubleshooting a check engine light will help your technician diagnose what’s wrong. It’s not always a huge problem, but it could become one if you let it go. That’s the point of a check engine light, in the end — to warn of potential problems.

There could be many reasons why the light is on.

  • Oxygen sensor: This measures unburned oxygen in the exhaust system. If you don’t get it fixed, you can burn more fuel than you need to, which leads to fuel inefficiency — sometimes up to 40%. In addition, sensors that aren’t working correctly can damage your catalytic converter and spark plugs.
  • Loose gas cap: Whether your gas cap is missing, damaged or loose, it acts as a pressure-maintainer for your fuel tank that keeps gas and fumes from getting out. Failure to get it fixed can lead to fuel loss through evaporation as well as fuel inefficiency.
  • Mass airflow sensor: This measures how much air comes into the engine, helping you figure out how much gas you’ll need in order to run efficiently. Sensors that are faulty will damage your O2 sensors, or even your catalytic converter or spark plugs. The result? Decreased performance and fuel economy.
  • Spark plugs and wires: It’s the spark plugs’ job to ignite the air/fuel combo, while the wires are what bring the spark from the ignition to the spark plugs themselves. Poor performance will result, along with decreased fuel economy, if you ignore this light on your dash.
  • Catalytic converter: This prevents carbon dioxide from becoming dangerous carbon monoxide. Not only will your car fail to pass an emissions test, your car will experience decreased performance and fuel economy.

Regular Service

Sometimes the matter is as simple as low air pressure in the tires. In other instances, it’s time for an oil change. Whatever the case, these alerts serve as simple reminders to keep up with maintenance and regular Dallas BMW Service. Without it, a small problem could fester and grow out of control, leading to more costly parts and labor. For example, a properly serviced and tuned engine will have a longer, more economical service life than one that gets minimal or inappropriate attention, says CarsGuide. By keeping up with regular service, you’re ensuring a longer life for your European vehicle, saving you money in the long run. Plus, you’re saving on immediate costs when it comes to unnecessary repairs that could have been prevented had you kept up with maintenance.

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