Dealership vs. Repair Shop: Prices and Experiences

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No one likes to take their car in for service, but when you do, you want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Research shows you are better off taking your car to an independent repair shop over a franchised new-car dealership, says Consumer Reports. In fact, repair shops out-ranked dealers in all categories:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Price
  • Quality of service
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Timeliness of work
Independent shops also scored top marks in personal attention. Ultimately, you want a shop you can feel comfortable in, with friendly staff members and accommodating appointment times.

Cost: A Big Concern

The biggest complaint against dealerships is the cost of parts and labor. In the above-mentioned survey, Mercedes-Benz drivers, in particular, said they were happy with the price they paid independent mechanics than dealers. Same went for a lot of the luxury brands, such as Jaguar and Mini. That’s due in part to the personal touch, precision and skill trained mechanics have for high-end European cars.
The pull from dealerships to get customers in the door for service is only getting stronger. It used to be that up to 70% of service done at dealerships involved warranty work; today, that number hovers around 20% because cars are being made better and lasting longer than ever before. They’re staffing their dealerships with certified technicians, offering OEM parts at more affordable prices and nationwide warranties with no questions asked. This undeniable push to compete with independent shops is forcing dealerships to become more accommodating. However, the prices you see at dealerships are still historically higher than independent shops. That’s due to the increased overhead of these huge dealerships as well as the cost of tools, state of the art equipment, and training for mechanics. Plus, someone has to pay for that lush waiting room space complete with play areas for kids, movies on the flat screen, and free coffee and donuts. With independent shops, you may get some perks but you’re really paying for the service at hand.

Training and Expertise

One advantage dealerships have always had over the corner mechanic is the training of its personnel to work on the make and model of cars that they sell on the lot. This gives customers peace of mind because they know their technician has the expertise to work on their BMW, Porsche or Mercedes. In fact, this is why many people continue to go back to the dealership for repairs and maintenance. However, if you get lucky enough, you can find an independent shop offering the best of both worlds. Hance’s European, for example, blends the expertise of highly trained technicians on foreign cars like that offered at dealerships yet coupled with the lower cost offered by independent shops.

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