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If you own a Bentley, chances are you are very proud of this vehicle. After all, you probably saved up for a while to be able to afford it. Now that you do, you want to take good care of it. However, no matter how much care and maintenance you put into your Bentley, issues will still crop up over time.

Bentley, a British manufacturer and seller of luxury cars and SUVs, has been owned since 1998 by Volkswagen but the trademark rights to the name continue to be owned by Rolls Royce. Most Bentley models are made at the company’s flagship factory in Crewe, England. Whether you own one of the newer models, such as the Bentayga, Continental GT or the Flying Spur, or an older model such as the Arnage, Azure or Mulsanne, regular care and prompt repair are vital to the health of your Bentley.

This will ensure your European vehicle will run in optimal condition on the roadways. If you don’t think it’s running the way it used to, or you’re experiencing outright problems, they can stem from anything from manufacturer defects to problems resulting from neglecting routine maintenance. But as said before, even with routine maintenance, your Bentley will break down here and there – same as with any car.

Check out the most common problems our mechanics see on a daily basis with Bentleys.

1.  Convertible Top, Tension Straps and Rear Bow Problems

Got a Bentley convertible? Is the top giving you trouble? One of the more common problems include water leaks due to the breakage of the inner securing straps designed to keep the top in place. If you have an Azure, be aware that the rear bow can get warped due to tangles in the fabric.

2.  Oil Leaks

Bentleys are known to leak oil, so if you are seeing oil leaks, take it to us here at Hance’s where we can perform diagnostic tests to determine the root cause. Rest assured, we always get your approval before proceeding with the actual work. Oil leaks can come from a variety of places, and sometimes it takes a while to troubleshoot the exact location and reason.

3.  Power Steering Leaks

In the case of the Bentley Continental Supersports 2017-2018 models, for instance, the power steering cooler pipe could be the wrong size. This causes the cooler hose to come off and leak fluid. That’s bad enough, but it’s worse if you lose control of the vehicle while in traffic due to this leak. As you can see, it’s important to get this issue fixed right away, and follow all recall alerts on this model and others.

4.  Suspension Issues

The air suspension system in Bentleys can experience leaky suspension legs, which results in one side of the car being slightly lower than the other. In turn, this puts strain on the suspension top mount bushes while damaging your compressor. Your trusted Hance’s mechanic can check the air suspensions, struts, and springs to determine the next course of action.

5.     Engine Issues

If you have a Continental Flying Spur, you may experience a lot of gasket leaks. It’s wise to get a pre-purchase inspection or diagnostic service to check the engine, turbo oil pipe and vacuum pipe for leaks. It’s also a good idea to check the cooling fan to make sure it’s working as it should. The coolant should also be inspected for contamination and the radiator for any corrosion.

6.  Electric Window Issues

Don’t wait till your electric windows fail. Once you start to hear a hissing sound, you’ll need to take it in for a repair. Many times, the mechanic can’t just swap out the motor, as there is a complex lifting system involved with Bentleys.

Why Go to the Dealership?

Many Bentley owners assume you have to head to the dealership to repair any issues. But the truth is, you can save a lot of time, money and hassle by bringing it to a certified Bentley mechanic shop. Our certified Bentley technicians know these vehicles inside and out, and can make the repair efficiently and expertly, at a much lower cost.

Contact Hance’s European in Dallas

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