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Whether you have an Audi R8 or a BMW i8, your exotic car is likely a big source of pride with you. You understandably want to treat your exotic car with the finest levels of TLC possible, and that includes taking it to a specialist when it needs a repair of any kind. It’s important to take it to a Dallas technician that specializes specifically in diagnostic and repair services for high-end European vehicles and exotic cars.

So what exactly does exotic car repair entail? Exotic car services typically involve:

  • Repairs
  • Inspections
  • Parts Replacement
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • CVT Transmission Diagnosis and Repair
  • Warning Light Diagnosis
  • Fluid Services
  • Oil Change
  • Filter Replacement

Of course, these are the basics. Other, more specialized services, can involve engine and brake work, transmission replacements, and exhaust system updates.

By engaging in the right repairs when you need them, as well as regular maintenance, you are doing your part to lower your ownership costs. Here are some FAQs to think about when it comes to exotic vehicle repair in Dallas.


Q: Why Does It Cost More to Repair My Exotic Car?
A: Because exotic cars are manufactured with high-tech engineering processes and unique materials, replacement parts can get pricey, especially since they’re in limited supply and must be purchased through the manufacturer.

Q: What Does Preventative Maintenance Involve For Exotic Cars?
A: Preventative maintenance on exotic cars is often the same as it is on regular cars. This maintenance can include oil changes, fluid checks, tire service, brake checks, and tire service to ensure safe driving conditions and a long lifespan for the vehicle. Exotic vehicle mechanics will also check for cracked tires, worn belts, seized wheel bearings, and leaky seals.

Q: Why is it Best to Take My Car to an Authorized Service Center for Repairs?
A: Your local garage shop may not see too many exotic cars on a regular basis, and they lack the training to repair specific makes and models. Authorized service centers like Hance’s European only work on European cars, specializing in high-service standards with mechanics on staff who have been trained directly by the manufacturer. Because they have state-of-the-art tools and diagnostic equipment, as well as all necessary parts in stock, turnaround times are also faster.

Q: What Are the Most Common Repairs Associated With Exotic Cars?
A: Exotic European cars tend to fall victim to malfunctions related to electronic systems, clutches and brakes, and engine misfires. This is where the repairs typically center around. Again, a mechanic trained in the ins and outs of European cars will have a high level of familiarity with these problems and be able to diagnose them quickly.

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