Key Items to Address When Bringing Your Land Rover in for Service


When your Land Rover needs service or a repair, you want to be prepared when taking it in to your mechanic. Be sure to come in with a list of information you want to cover so you don’t neglect anything. Communication is key in securing the outcome you want. In fact, poor communication may be one reason why you left your previous mechanic and decided to come to Hance’s European in Dallas.

Avoid such miscommunication issues by being prepared to discuss important information with your service technician. Here are some tips on communicating effectively.

Be Clear in Your Request for Service

This is obvious but many people still neglect to outline clearly what the problem is or what they need out of the appointment. It may be helpful to fill out a diagnostic form before your arrival to make sure the technician has a clear understanding of the specifics. If you’re new to Hance’s, you’ll want to provide a complete vehicle service history. This will provide your tech with more comprehensive knowledge of your car, its history and its needs. Plus, it leads to greater qualityas your technicians strive to align their service with your expectations. Bonus: having your vehicle history on hand allows the shop to keep you up-to-date on factory-recommended services.

Forbes explains that the clearer you can be with your technicians, the better they will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. Identify what the problem is, taking note of specific sounds, leaks and smells, as well as how often they happen. Explain what happened right before the car stopped running, and how it functioned the day before it failed to start.

Get an Estimate

Even for routine service, always get a clear and accurate estimate in writing before committing. This way, there will be no surprises when the bill comes. The estimate should address the services to be provided as well as the issues discussed with the auto technician. Now is the time to ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Confirm the Estimate

Authorize the work by signing the estimate and confirming the agreed-upon amount. Give them some leeway in case they have to go over the estimate somewhat, especially if you can’t easily be reached during the day. This will prevent delays in service from happening.

Be Available to Address Issues

If issues do crop up, and they often do, make sure you give a contact number where you’ll be in case they need to reach you. While your vehicle is in the shop, you should expect to be advised of any delays or unexpected issues. Sometimes they can’t get a certain partor there are additional expenses that were unanticipated. Being apprised of these issues as they happen will avoid you being surprised and upset when they hand you the final bill at pickup.

If your budget is tight, ask if the proposed service or part is critical to the safety and performance of your Land Rover. Specify which parts of the service you will authorize and which ones you want to postpone.


Ask For a Completion Notification

Make sure your shop knows to notify you when your vehicle is ready for pickup. Give them accurate contact information so you can know immediately when to go down. Arrange transportation, such as a shuttle, if they offer this service.

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