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There are many benefits to summer-proofing your Porsche before setting out on those fun vacations and day trips. Making sure your Porsche is in tip-top shape this season starts with some pre-road trip checks and maintenance tasks so you don’t break down while on your journey.

Here’s why you should perform regular vehicle maintenance, especially this summer.

It Saves You Cash

If you put off regularly scheduled maintenance, this could come back to haunt you later. In your haste to get on the road and start your vacation, you may think you can just delay checking on the state of your vehicle. But before you know it, you may have a tire blowout on the highway, or your radiator overheats or your windshield wiper fluid is out. You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road baking in the summer heat! It’s far more costly for your wallet to break down and need a whole new engine as opposed to some fresh oil or coolant.

Its Extends the Life of Your Car

You spent a lot of money on your Porsche. You don’t want to have to buy a new one prematurely or spend a fortune on unnecessary repair. When you keep your vehicle well-maintained, you will ensure a less expensive, problem-free road trip. Your Porsche will thank you for the extra attention and you will enjoy a longer lifespan out of your European vehicle.

It’s Safer on the Road

There’s no doubt you want to keep your family safe while on the road. But a neglected vehicle cannot assure you of the highest levels of safety. Don’t chance a breakdown in the middle of nowhere or a day sidelined with your car in a strange shop. Taking a few moments before your trip to kick the tires and add fluids will pay off big time later.

Pre-Summer Road Trip Checklist

Air Conditioning

  • Turn on the AC. Listen for strange noises or lack of cool air.


  • Check your radiator or overflow tank levels using a coolant tester to ensure an even water/coolant mix.

Engine Fluids

  • Check all fluids (transmission, oil, and brake) to ensure proper lubrication.


  • Check brake pads and/or shoes for signs of wear and tear.


  • Use a battery tester to check your battery’s power levels so your car starts when you want it to.

Windshield Wiper Blades

  • Check your windshield wiper blades and replace them if they look worn.

Contact Hance’s European

Whether you need European car maintenance for your Porsche this summer or you have a repair you need done, Hance’s European can help, as our technicians specialize in Porsche repair and maintenance. Contact us today to schedule service in Dallas at 214-800-4571.