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Keeping your car looking and working great in all seasons is important, but even more so during the dog days of summer. Intense heat can really do a number on your AC system, paint job, tires and engine, so treat your car well with these summer car care tips.

Check your fluids: Keep an eye on your fluids such as coolant, motor oil and windshield washer fluid, as you’ll likely be using them much more in the summer. If you forget all else, don’t forget to keep an eye on the engine coolant, otherwise known as anti-freeze. Because today’s cars feature a closed system for coolant, checking or adding coolant is a simple process, says Autotrader. Check your owner’s manual for the exact process on your foreign vehicle, whether you have a Mercedes, Porsche or Jaguar. Do not open the radiator cap or coolant-tank lid when the engine has been running.

Kick the tires: Low tire pressure is also common in the summer. Check them under normal conditions and under normal temps. When the temperature rises, your tires expand, which may not give you an accurate reading. Check them before a road trip, for example, and always go with the right tire pressure for your make and model over the max pressure you see on the side-wall. If your tires are not inflated properly, you could compromise your vehicle’s handling capabilities. You could also generate too much heat and risk a blowout.

Stay on top of regular service: Because you’re likely on the road more with all those summer trips, it’s imperative to keep up with oil and filter changes, inspections, and air cleaner and fuel filter changes. These components help make sure your engine is running at top-notch performance. If you neglect them, you’ll experience bad fuel economy and end up spending more on gas.

Use your AC properly: When riding on the highway, it’s best to keep the windows closed and the AC running in the interest of aero-dynamics. In addition, it keeps everyone comfortable, particularly the driver, which can prevent driver fatigue. Falling asleep at the wheel is one of the major causes of highway accidents. You should have the AC system checked every year by your mechanic. You can add refrigerant here and there but it will only offer a short-term fix.

Protect your paint job: Park under the shade of trees, in a garage or underneath an awning when you can. Wax your vehicle when needed using a UV protection polish, which will protect your paint from the damaging rays of the sun as well as fading. When it comes to your interior, that needs protection too. Invest in a sunshade so the light can’t stream in and fade your upholstery. Plus, this will ensure your comfort when you get into the car.

Preparation is critical in protecting your foreign vehicle. Heed these tips to proper summer car care and you will enjoy a longer life span out of it.

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