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If you’re the proud owner of a Land Rover, you likely make every effort to care for your vehicle. Hopefully you will never need it, or need it often, but you should have trustworthy Land Rover repair specialists in your back pocket should the eventuality come. With the proper care, maintenance and scheduled service calls, you can extend the life of your Land Rover by several years. Here are some tips.

Maintenance Comes First

Yes, today’s Land Rovers are designed for maximum performance with lower maintenance requirements than in previous years. However, this doesn’t mean maintenance isn’t required. In fact, it’s even more critical now. Always follow the manufacturer’s service schedule that came with your vehicle.

Take full advantage of the technology in your Land Rover and pay attention to all service reminders that appear within the multi-function display.

Keep up with Oil Changes

Land Rover engines, like all engines, rely on effective lubrication to function properly.

  • Check the oil in your Land Rover every time you refuel.
  • Don’t allow the oil level to fall below the minimum mark
  • Change the oil at the recommended intervals by viewing the multifunction display on your Land Rover.
  • Check the instructions for your model.

Maintain Consistent Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure monthly and make sure your tires are inflated to the inflation pressure recommendations set by Land Rover. You’ll find the tire inflation pressure label posted in the vehicle. Not only will this keep your occupants safe, but it will also help maintain top performance.

Warm up the Car

Starting a cold engine and taking off immediately can damage the engine. This is because lubricants are not able to flow to every part immediately. It just takes a few seconds after start-up for the oil pump to lubricate the engine adequately; however, you should warm up the car for at least 30 seconds before driving off.

Steady Driving

Sudden stops add wear and tear to your Land Rover, so stay alert to anticipate braking situations. Driving in a steady and consistent fashion will help in extending the life of your car. For instance, come to a complete stop before shifting into reverse. Also, when you drive consistently and evenly, studies show you can boost your fuel economy by up to 35 percent.

Do a “Preflight” Check

Just like pilots go through a careful checklist before every flight, you should do the same with your Land Rover once a week. Walk around the car slowly looking for any damage to the body that may need a touchup. Make sure all the lights and signals are functioning correctly as well.

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